Dr. Sue D. Pendell

Curriculum Vitae PDF
Ph.D., Univ. of Utah
Department Chair
Office: A201 Behavioral Science Building
Phone: 491-6140
Email: Sue.Pendell@ColoState.EDU

Sue Pendell is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Communication Studies. Her teaching centers on interpersonal and intercultural communication, and her research focuses on the communication of affection in all types of interpersonal relationships across cultures. At Colorado State, she’s been the Chair of the Faculty Council, the Faculty Representative to the state governing board, and on more university committees than she cares to count as well as doing department and college service. In addition, she’s very active in the Western States Communication Association—she served as President, planned the 2008 Denver/Boulder WSCA Convention, was the Executive Director for four years, and has been on lots of WSCA committees. In addition to teaching and serving as Chair, she advises Study Abroad students.