program requirements

The Master of Arts in Communication Studies is a two-year thesis program. Students complete a minimum of 27 credits in required course work in addition to a required colloquium and thesis credits. All graduate students take the following four core requirements:

  • SPCM 601 History of Rhetorical Theory
  • SPCM 612 Rhetorical Criticism
  • SPCM 638 Communication Research Methods
  • SPCM 646 Media Theory

Students tailor their education by taking elective courses, with the option of taking 3 credits outside the department, and developing a thesis under the direction of a faculty adviser. Elective courses must be numbered 500 or above. The courses should be chosen with the agreement of both the graduate advisor and the Graduate Committee.

Graduate students also must take SPCM 699 Thesis (a minimum of 3 credits). Graduate Teaching Assistants are also required to take and SPCM 692 Seminar and SPCM 675 Speech Pedagogy.

Graduate students may take courses beyond those required.

Other graduate courses include:

  • SPCM 503 Transformations in Rhetorical Theory
  • SPCM 504 Rhetoric of Everyday Life
  • SPCM 511 Topics in Public Address
  • SPCM 520 Rhetoric and Public Affairs
  • SPCM 523 Feminist Theories of Discourse
  • SPCM 532 Theories of Interpersonal Communication
  • SPCM 533 Discourse, Work, and Organization
  • SPCM 534 Communication and Cultural Diversity
  • SPCM 539 Communication Theory
  • SPCM 540 Rhetoric, Race, and Identity
  • SPCM 547 Media Industries
  • SPCM 548 Media Texts
  • SPCM 549 Media Audiences
  • SPCM 550 Contemporary Issues in Media
  • SPCM 675 Speech Communication Pedagogy