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purpose of internship

The purpose of SPCM387 Communication Internship is to encourage Communication Studies students to seek experience in the working world in one of the numerous areas of communication prior to graduation. Such experience should: 1) augment classroom learning; 2) benefit the student in job searches after graduation; 3) acquaint the student with communication principles and practice outside the academic setting.

eligibility requirements:

  • Currently majoring in Communication Studies at CSU
  • Minimum 2.0 GPA
  • Successful completion of SPCM100, SPCM200, SPCM201, and SPCM207 before or concurrent with enrollment

internship guidelines:

SPCM387 Communication Internship allows one credit in a given semester for completion of an internship in the field of communication. Students may take a maximum of three semesters of SPCM387, which would be a total of three credits. Internship credit is to be awarded for work done during the term of enrollment ONLY. Students should complete the paperwork and register for SPCM387 before registration closes for the semester. NO overrides will be given for late registration. This credit can only be applied to the general elective category of the program of study, and no more than three credits total can apply toward graduation. Whether or not the student is paid is irrelevant to the obtaining of credit; however, in the case of unpaid internships, it is presumed that the hosting entity will comply with the standards set forth under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Workload expectations are a minimum of 5 hours per week over the course of the semester, or a total of 75 hours over a portion of the semester.

locating an internship:

Internship at any type of business or organization is permissible, but the internship duties should be oriented to a career in communication. The responsibility for locating an internship for SPCM387 is the student's. The student should call the organization and make an appointment to discuss a possible internship. During the meeting, the student should discuss the information contained on this sheet. If the internship is agreed to, a copy of this information should be given to the person in question. If you have any questions concerning these procedures, the internship coordinator will be happy to answer them.For a list of some places Communication Studies majors have interned, please see internship locations.

prior to beginning the internship, a student must:

  1. Submit an Internship Agreement (Student Internship Application), filled out in full, with signatures by student and supervisor, to the SPCM387 coordinator for review.
  2. Submit a completed CSU liability waiver form. (PDF)
  3. Receive approval of the intended internship from the Communication Studies internship coordinator.
  4. Register for SPCM387 before the deadline for adding courses for the semester.

student responsibility:

During the process of locating an internship, doing the paperwork necessary to secure the internship, and actually working in the organization, students should remember that they represent Colorado State University and the department as well as themselves. A student who does a poor job, is not dependable, or creates problems of other kinds not only jeopardizes his or her own standing with the organization and his or her grade for the internship but will ruin the opportunity for another student who may want to work with the organization in the future. While the student is on the job, he or she is under the supervision of the organization.

workers' compensation:

For off-campus internships, if the student receives any remuneration for the internship, including but not limited to pay, room, or board, the student is NOT covered by CSU workers' compensation but is covered by the hosting entity's workers' compensation or insurance.If the student does not receive any remuneration for an off-campus internship, CSU workers' compensation covers the student. Students paid by non-University sources even though working in a University facility or engaged in University projects are not covered by CSU's workers' compensation. Students paid by CSU and working at CSU are covered by the University's workers compensation.


Monthly Activity Reports will be due via RamCT on the 6th of each month for the preceding month. You are not expected to produce novels but should put some time (at least 15-30 minutes per month) and effort into these reports. Completing these reports will help you measure what you are actually learning.

Final reports for Spring 2015 semester are due May 8, 2015 (last day of classes). Submit the completed report to the Internship Coordinator, A215 Behavioral Sciences Building.

forms for employers

Online Employer Evaluation of Intern Form - Employers please complete this form and submit it by May 4th (Monday of the last week of classes).