Undergrad program

Requirements for the Major

Courses in the Department of Communication Studies emphasize an understanding of communication in three areas: Media and Visual Culture, Relational and Organizational Communication, and Rhetoric and Civic Engagement. You can focus in one area if you choose, but you will take courses in all three areas in order to have a broad appreciation for the many ways in which communication works and the multiple influences it has on our lives.

We stress the development of oral and written communication skills, and our alumni have commented that their oral communication skills, in conjunction with their writing skills, have led to promotions, awards, and other opportunities.

The department emphasizes the importance of understanding different cultures in the United States and internationally. In addition to courses in the department that have this focus, you are encouraged to become fluent in a second language and to spend a semester studying abroad.

We require completion of a second major, a minor, or an interdisciplinary studies program to contribute to your broad education and provide you with additional qualifications and career opportunities.