Raymie McKerrow

Raymie E. McKerrow

M.A., '68

Where did you live before enrolling in the MA program? I came to the program after graduating in the Spring of 1966 with a B.S. degree in Speech Communication from Southern Illinois University.

Where did you go after graduating? I moved to Kearney State as Assistant Director of Forensics in the Fall of 1968. I came back to CSU in the Fall of 1969 to take Jim Irvine’s place as Director of Forensics, as he took a leave to work on his doctorate at the University of Iowa. He returned in 1971, and I left to pursue my doctorate at Iowa.

What are you doing now? I am teaching at Ohio University in the School of Communication Studies

What is your favorite memory from the MA program at Colorado State? Working with James Irvine as a graduate assistant in Forensics

What is your favorite Fort Collins Memory? The friends we made while there.

How are you using your Communication Studies (formerly Speech Communication) degree? I am using it every day – as I teach courses in feminist rhetoric, rhetorical criticism, and training and development at the undergraduate level.

What’s an interesting lesson you’ve learned about the role and power of communication in some context? I have a deep appreciation for the power of naming – as Kenneth Burke was right: it selects/deflects/rejects specific attitudes or ‘realities.

What advice do you have for students entering and/or graduating from the MA program? You will get out of the program what you put into it; unlike undergraduate days, the value of advanced study rests on your initiative and motivation in going beyond course work to enhance specific skill sets and knowledge about how to use them.