Carly Fabian

Contact Information


Office: A208 Behavioral Sciences Building

Role: Student

Position: Graduate Teaching Assistant
M.A. Student


In summary, I am a book-reading tea enthusiast hailing from Littleton, Colorado. I am starting my first semester as a Graduate Student and Teaching Assistant at CSU, and have been thrilled to do so since I was extended the offer. I am coming directly from the University of Colorado Denver, where I developed a love for Communications Studies. Since I began my experiences in higher education, I have greatly enjoyed meeting the individuals--both students and faculty--drawn together by the pursuit of learning. When I'm not working towards my academic goals, you can find me in a coffee shop or under an inviting tree writing creative non-fiction. Like many, I enjoy relaxing with friends and loved ones, and find as much fulfillment in my personal roles as I do my academic ones. When I have the opportunity, I love traveling to places near and far and expanding my knowledge of the world.


B.A., Univ. of Colorado, Denver