Kennedy Schade

Contact Information

Role: Student

Position: Graduate Teaching Assistant, M.A. Student

Department: Communication Studies

Area of Study: Rhetoric and Civic Engagement


I am originally from the Northglenn/Thornton area here in Colorado, (just a little outside of Denver), and moved to Fort Collins in 2015. I completed my undergraduate studies right here at CSU and extended my stay with the Communication Studies department in pursuit of my M.A. My areas of interest are a bit scattered at the moment from things like visual analysis of artwork/rhetorical texts to a deep fascination in cult leader rhetoric and the art of persuasion. While much of my academic enjoyment comes from studying theory I like to put what I learn into practice as well and frequently serve as a facilitator at events and forums led by CSU’s Center for Public Deliberation. I appreciate the home that has been created for me here at Colorado State and look forward to where the rest of this journey will take me.


B.A. Communication Studies, Colorado State University