Graduate Program

Graduate Studies in Communication at
Colorado State University

2015 Program of Distinction Award
Basic Course, National Communication Association

2014 Outstanding Master’s Degree Program Award
Master’s Education Section, National Communication Association

Graduate students in the Department of Communication Studies engage in advanced study of human communication, taking courses in our three areas of departmental specialization: rhetoric and civic engagement, relational and organizational communication, and media and visual culture. Graduates interested in an academic career gain acceptance into the nation’s top PhD programs. Graduates interested in working outside of academe find employment in a wide range of public and private sector careers.

Our M.A. candidates receive individual mentoring from faculty members who help them make the transition from student to scholar and support their development as researchers and writers. M.A. candidates with teaching assistantships receive extensive training in Communication instruction through a ‘basic course’ curriculum that was honored in 2015 by the National Communication Association with the”Program of Distinction” award.

In the course, students receive 22 hours of teacher training prior to stepping into a classroom to teach their own sections of public speaking (SPCM 200), and an additional 42 hours of training throughout their first semester. In a University GTA Training Taskforce report, SPCM 200 was identified as a model program for GTA training at CSU. Learn more about the program’s outcomes here.

M.A. in Communication
Students pursing the M.A. in Communication take core and elective classes in our three areas of departmental specialization. During their second year, they write a master’s thesis.

M.A. in Communication, Deliberative Practices Specialization
Students wishing to focus on deliberation and civic engagement may apply to the Deliberative Practices Specialization track, which includes graduate coursework in public deliberation and substitutes an applied research project for a traditional thesis. Students in this track work closely with our nationally-recognized Center for Public Deliberation.

Graduate Studies in Communication
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A graduate teaching certificate is also available from CSU’s Institute for Teaching and Learning.

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