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Undergraduate Scholarships

What You Need to Know About Scholarships

Supporting students across many identities, needs, and passions, year after year.

Each spring the Department of Communication Studies awards thousands of dollars in scholarship funds to our undergraduate majors. No scholarship is identical. Each was established with a specific purpose in mind, from supporting upper division majors who demonstrate creativity and a passion for social justice and helping students study abroad to assisting non-traditional majors in completing their degree and supporting students with strong leadership skills.

Make applying for a scholarship part of your annual routine with your freshman, sophomore and junior years at CSU.

You can also apply for scholarships awarded by the College of Liberal Arts Dean’s Office, so long as you meet the criteria.

You can review scholarships awarded by both the department and the college in two different places:

  • We recommend you start on the CLA website’s scholarship section.
    • Scroll down on the page and select Communication Studies from the right-hand column. A complete list of scholarships will appear. Click on any scholarship listed to view its criteria and history.
    • The left-hand column lists all Dean’s Office scholarships.
  • You can also search CSU’s online scholarship portal, AcademicWorks. Once you login in with your EID, you can create filters and explore all opportunities.

How Do I Apply?

All the info you need for the scholarship application process is outlined by the College of Liberal Arts.

When Can I Apply?

The CSUSA is available from October 1 until March 1 at 11 p.m. (MST). Go to RAMweb at and login using your eID. From there, you can select the CSU Scholarship Application.

To be considered for need-based scholarships you must submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) By March 1. Learn about this process through the Office of Financial Aid’s website.

Education Abroad Scholarships

CSU’s Education Abroad website lists several scholarship opportunities you may want to consider, especially the Communication Studies Education Abroad Scholarship.

Regardless of the opportunity you seek, you will need to submit an Education Abroad Scholarship Common Application. Deadlines to apply correspond with the term you plan to study abroad.

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