“Nosotros somos Malinche: Rethinking Identity, Embracing the Power of Mestizaje”

Dr. Julia Khrebtan-Hörhager and M.A. graduate Emily Dosch published in Intercultural Communication Research Associate Professor Julia Khrebtan-Hörhager and 2023 M.A. graduate Emily Dosch have published the paper “Nosotros somos Malinche: Rethinking Identity, Embracing the Power of Mestizaje” in the latest issue of Intercultural Communication Research. Abstract: In this essay, we examine the role of visual and material […]

“An exploration of esports fan identity, engagement practices, and motives”

Dr. Natalie Pennington published alongside former advisee in Telematics and Informatics Reports Assistant Professor Natalie Penngington and her former advisee Josh Barney have published the paper “An exploration of esports fan identity, engagement practices, and motives” in the most recent issue of Telematics and Informatics Reports. Abstract:  As esports continues to grow in popularity, it is […]

Chung speaks with NPR’s The World about the Korean “revenge” movie genre

Professor of Film and Media Studies Hye Seung Chung recently spoke with The World, NPR’s only international news program, about the importance of contextualizing the violence in Korean “revenge” films within Korea’s political and cultural history. You can listen to the episode containing her interview here.  Earlier this year, Chung was also quoted in a […]

The movie ‘Barbie’ has put the phrase ‘toxic femininity’ back in the news – here’s what it means and why you should care

As the “Barbie” movie’s worldwide box office passes the billion-dollar mark, and some conservative pundits push back against its popularity with negative hot takes, the phrase “toxic femininity” is back in the news.

“East Asian Film Remakes”

Scott Diffrient’s new book published by Edinburgh University Press Professor Scott Diffrient co-edited a new book, East Asian Film Remakes, with University of Northern Colorado Professor Kenneth Chan. Edinburgh University Press published the book in July 2023. Diffrient also wrote the book’s second chapter, “Against Anesthesia: An Empty Dream, Pleasurable Pain, and the ‘Illicit’ Thrills […]

A Semester at Sea, a Book, and a True Voyage of Discovery

Associate Professor Julia Khrebtan-Hörhager recently returned from a unique semester abroad. She was on Semester at Sea (SAS), a program that takes students and faculty around the world together. A voyage of discovery Khrebtan-Hörhager is a Global Scholar/Intercultural Specialist for the Institute for Shipboard Education, which manages SAS. On each SAS voyage, college students from […]