We are so excited that you are joining us for our first annual Act Human Rights Film Festival. We believe that the festival will create moments of communication, community, and engagement. ACT weaves a passion for the arts and humanities with these disciplines’ commitments to explore what it means to be human and the rights and responsibilities that humanness entails. The films you will see enact the entanglement of hope and hurt, possibility and tragedy, freedom and fear. ACT, we believe, is part of these very real, very human entanglements. Beyond the opportunity to watch great cinema, the festival offers a chance to gather together in the hope that communication can build community, and that community offers the grounding for a more humane world. Following each screening, we urge you to talk with audience members, engage the panelists and filmmakers, and take with you the hopefulness and dedication these films embody. May this experience awaken, connect, and transform us all.


Greg Dickinson
Chair, Department of Communication Studies
ACT Producer

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