Although we’re not back on campus for in-person learning, taking a course during summer session offers some overlooked benefits, such as a significantly reduced course length, small class size, and more. Yes summer session has begun, but there’s still time to enroll in the next 4-week and 8-week terms, which begin June 14, or the final 4-week term, which begins July 12.

If you’re on the fence about taking a communication studies course this summer, consider the following benefits.

  • Concentrated, immersive learning. You can exclusively study one subject by enrolling in four-week courses. This type of ‘deep dive’ into a subject, such as global media cultures, freedom of speech, or public speaking , is an enriching way to focus your attention in ways you never can during fall or spring semester.
  • Small classes with award-winning faculty. Take a core course requirement such as SPCM 201 – History and Theory of Rhetoric, which during the fall or spring semeter seats 105 students, but during summer seats just 25 students. Additionally, award-winning faculty also teach summer courses, whether Dr. Karrin Anderson (teaching SPCM 420 – Political Communication), 2021 recipeint of the College of Liberal Arts Distinction in Curriculum Innovation Award, Dr. Scott Diffrient (teaching SPCM 358B – Gender and Genre in Film: Horror), recent recpient of a Fulbright award that send him to South Korea for the Fall 2021 semester, Montfort Professor Dr. Tom Dunn (teaching SPCM 201), or Kristin Slattery (teaching SPCM 200 – Public Speaking), 2021 recipeint of the Department of Communication Studies Excellence in Teaching Award.
  • Learn from anywhere. Don’t let your schedule be a reason not to take a course this summer. Regardless of where you’re located, you can access a summer session because courses are 100 percent online. This level of flexibility may never be as readily available as it is now.
  • Graduate early. That’s right. You can graduate in less than four years as a communication studies major by participating in CSU Accelerated Programs and taking courses during the summer. Contact your ASC to learn more or enroll.

Head to Ramweb to register for a summer course, or scan the list below to view upcoming courses that still have space.

Summer 2021 4-week Terms

June 14 – July 11

  • SPCM 307 – Public Argumentation with Mark Saunders
  • SPCM 358B – Gender and Genre in Film: Horror with Dr. Scott Diffrient
  • SPCM 381A3 – Virtual Bridging of Cultures–Italy/USA with Dr. Julia Khrebtan-Hoerhager
  • SPCM 453 – Global Media Cultures with Dr. Evan Elkins
  • SPCM 481A3 – A Cinematic Voyage to Rome, Italy, with Dr. Carl Burgchardt

July 12 – August 8

  • SPCM 360 – The Personal Lens: Making Media with Usama Alshaibi

Summer 2021 8-week Term: June 14 – August 8

  • SPCM 100 – Communication and Popular Culture with Dr. Ellie Light
  • SPCM 350 – Evaluating Contemporary Film with Dr. Kit Hughes