Master Instructor



Elizabeth Sink is a Communication Studies Master Teaching Instructor with a passion for facilitating healthy engagement across diverse identities. Her career aims broadly at empowering students to connect and make meaning with the world around them and continually engage to effect positive change. She has taught at Colorado State University since 2004.

Elizabeth’s teaching practice strives to promote investigation of one’s own cultural identity, develop communication-based competencies and advance students’ motivation for effective positive involvement in their communities. Her current scholarship and curriculum-development advances inclusive communication and practical engagement between people who orient around religious and non-religious belief differently.

Outside the classroom, Elizabeth and her family enjoy backpacking in the great outdoors of Colorado and Wyoming. She is a dog-person who enjoys deep breaths, traveling, rock painting, roller coasters, microwavable slippers (forever-cold toes), barn dancing and acapella singing at the Colorado Renaissance Fair in the summers.


Watch Elizabeth's TedTalk, "Interfaith Cooperation: An Invitation for All Beliefs"

Elizabeth is currently participating in CSU Leadership Fellowship 2021-22