Katie Gibson

Contact Information

Email: katie.gibson@colostate.edu

Office: A233 Behavioral Science Building

Role: Faculty

Position: Professor

Department: Communication Studies

Area of Study: Rhetoric and Civic Engagement


Katie Gibson (Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University) is an Associate Professor of Communication Studies. Her scholarship focuses on the politics of representation in legal discourse, political communication, and popular culture. Titles of her publications include, “In Defense of Women’s Rights: A Rhetorical Analysis of Judicial Dissent,” “Judicial Rhetoric and Women’s ‘Place’: The United States Supreme Court’s Darwinian Defense of Separate Spheres” and “Undermining Katie Couric: The Discipline Function of the Press.” Katie is also published in Women’s Studies in Communication, theWestern Journal of Communication, Communication Quarterly, Women & Language, and the Southern Communication Journal. She is currently the Vice President of the Organization for Research on Women and Communication.


Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University

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