Kurtis North

Contact Information

Email: kurtis.north@colostate.edu

Office: A247 Behavioral Science Building

Role: Adjunct

Position: Senior Teaching Special Instructor

  • Lead Instructor
  • INTO Pathways

Department: Communication Studies


Kurt North attended Colorado State University, receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication in 1999. Kurt stayed within the department to earn his Master’s degree in 2001, along the way focusing on media studies. His thesis was concerned with interpreting how reality TV shows such asSurvivor are impacting popular culture. After graduate school, Kurt worked in business for a few years before moving to Barcelona, Spain to earn a TEFL certificate. He spent the next three years teaching English in Spain, Costa Rica, and Los Angeles. Currently, Kurt teaches Public Speaking (SP 200) as well as Communication and Popular Culture (SP 100). Kurt extends his teaching to the secondary school level as well, working as an assistant football coach at a local high school.


M.A., Colorado State Univ.

Curriculum Vitae

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