Master Instructor



Kurt North attended Colorado State University, and earned his Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication in 1999. Kurt stayed within the department to earn his Master’s degree in 2001, along the way focusing on media studies. His thesis analyzed how reality TV shows such as Survivor impact popular culture. After graduate school, Kurt worked in business for a few years before moving to Barcelona, Spain to earn a TEFL certificate. He spent the next three years teaching English in Spain, Costa Rica, and Los Angeles.

Currently, Kurt teaches Communication and Popular Culture (SP 100), Public Speaking (SP 200), Communication Skills: Social Media (SP 278i), Evaluating Contemporary Television (SP341), as well as Virtual Workplace Communication (SP 378). Kurt extends his teaching to entrepreneurship as well, having started a local marketing company on the side as a way to bring the practical application of communication concepts from professional settings into the classroom and vice versa.