Graduate Teaching Assistant


  • Office Hours:

    Wednesdays, 1pm-4pm
  • Role:

    Graduate Student
  • Position:

    • Graduate Teaching Assistant
    • Ph. D. Candidate
  • Concentration:

    • Rhetoric and Civic Engagement
    • Organizational Communication
  • Department:

    • Communication Studies
  • Education:

    • B. S. in Communication Studies, South Dakota State University, 2019
    • B. S. in Political Science, South Dakota State University, 2019
    • M. A. in Communication, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2021


Lauren Buisker (she/her) is a Ph. D. Candidate and Graduate Teaching Assistant at Colorado State University. She earned her undergraduate degrees in Communication Studies and Political Science from South Dakota State University in 2019, and her master's degree in Communication from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2021. Her research uses feminist rhetorical perspectives to understand discourses about sexual violence, particularly as they relate to organizing and organizational life. Lauren has taught classes on debate, introductory writing, public speaking, interpersonal communication, pop culture, and rhetorical criticism. She has also worked as a teaching assistant in courses on political communication and workplace communication. Lauren currently teaches SPCM 207: Public Argumentation and SPCM 420: Political Communication.


Buisker, Lauren L. “Weaponizing Apologia in Response to Me Too: Organizational Silencing in CBS Coverage of Charlie Rose.” Women & Language 46, no. 2 (2023): 331-362. doi:10.34036/WL.2023.019

Buisker, Lauren L. Review of “What It Feels Like: Visceral Rhetoric and the Politics of Rape Culture.” Quarterly Journal of Speech 109, no. 2 (2023): 199-200. doi:10.1080/00335630.2023.2201433