Elinor Light

Contact Information

Email: Elinor.Light@colostate.edu

Office: Behavioral Sciences A208

Role: Adjunct

Position: Special Assistant Professor


I am a Colorado native and attended CSU for my undergraduate and Master’s degrees. I attended the University of Utah for my Ph.D., but I love CSU so much that I came back as a professor. I am an artist at heart and I have been active in the Fort Collins art community for over over fifteen years. Much of what I study in the academic realm is related to my love of art. I teach courses in visual communication and my research focuses on how images work rhetorically to alter ideologies in the world. While my heart is in art, my joy lies in the classroom. Teaching CSU students is an honor, inspiration, and a privilege.






Ph.D., Communication, University of Utah
M.A., Colorado State University


Elinor Light, “The Rhetoric of Visual Play: An Analysis of Banksy’s Post-Subject Voice in New York City,” Visual Communication Quarterly 24, no. 1 (2017): 40-53.

Elinor Light, “Visualizing Homeland: Remembering 9/11 And The Production Of The Surveilling Flâneur,” Qualitative Inquiry or Cultural Studies<=>Critical Methodologies 16, no. 6 (2016): 511-524.


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