Happy first Friday! It’s November. The sun is shining and the air is warm. Hardly seems like the day that is the average first day of snow in Fort Collins, does it? (Or is that November 2? Well you get the point!).
Hey some great news to talk about all around.
First, Allison has been awarded the American Society for the History of Rhetoric dissertation award. She will receive the award next Saturday at the ASHR business meeting at NCA. I just want to point out that Allison joins an impressive list of dissertation award winners on our faculty. Evidence that we consistently recruit the very best faculty!
We have a date and a speaker for the Gravlee lecture. The lecture will be March 8 at 7:00 pm. The Gravlee committee will make an official announcement when all the details are set. For now let me offer this teaser: the speaker is an internationally renowned media scholar! Should be a great opportunity for all of us.
Oh, hey, have you surfed yet to our new website? http://communicationstudies.colostate.edu/. It looks amazing! Thanks to Carol in particular for her work and to our friends in Creative Services who designed, coded, and took pictures for the new website. While you are there, you will see a wonderful description of the new PhD in Communication. The application portal is not quite ready to take applications, but you can see what we will need. If you want to apply, that is!
I think I am about done. I do hope you all have a wonderful weekend. For me this evening is the CSU Opera.
You know this already, but I am deeply proud to be a member of this community and honored that, among other tasks I am called on to perform, I am privileged to shepherd tenure and promotion cases from the department to the Dean’s office and beyond.
Have a great weekend. See you (the Friday Email says) in a couple of weeks!