Happy Friday. It really and truly is November, isn’t it? The days keep getting shorter, and the nights are colder. I comfort myself in knowing that in five or six weeks the days will begin again to lengthen.
Another successful week here in the department.
For example, Elizabeth Williams learned this week that her co-authored paper “Exploring the Mindsets of Resilience in High Reliability Organizations” will receive the Top Paper Award from the Communication Theory and Research Interest Group at WSCA. Wee hoo!
I know lots of you are hearing about your submissions to WSCA and I am guessing we will rock the convention yet again.
Meanwhile Hailey Otis’s book review of Jennifer Tyburczy’s Sex Museums was accepted at Southern Journal of Communication.
Beth Myers Bass’s group communication students are doing great work tomorrow and Sunday. Beth and a number of her group comm students will be out at the Cross of the North race this weekend.  It runs both Saturday and Sunday from 8am – 3pm at New Belgium. She writes, “we have partnered with them to raise money for the American Red Cross to funnel to Puerto Rico.  It is a free event for attendees.  If anyone is interested they can check out the Cross of the North website or Facebook page. Check out the Collegian story on the project.
Next Monday, Carl is leading this semester’s research brown bag from 11:0011:50 in BSB A217. He will be taking us through his project “Emotional ‘Allegory’ in The Yearling (1946).” As many of you know Carl is working on this project with Scott.
Finally, I am presenting today at noon with other folks from across the college on publishing in liberal arts journals in the Library Event Hall. I think there will be a little free food. And free advice. Stop by, if hearing about the back end of journal production sounds like an exciting way to spend your noon hour!
Hey, another short Friday email. Thank goodness right?
The Friday email will be on hiatus for the next two weeks. Many of us are off to Dallas for NCA this coming week and then it is Thanksgiving break. I am heading out for Dallas on Tuesday. I have attached here the NCA reception invite. Then Sue Pendell, Elizabeth, and I are heading to Santa Fe for the holiday.
On my agenda: red chili, green chili, soaking at Seven Waves, sleep, and novel reading.
On my agenda as well is giving thanks for the privilege I have of doing work that matters. I am so grateful that I get to work with all of you, that my life is filled with reading and writing and talking with you and others about rhetoric and communication and the meaning of life. What a deal, right?
I hope you find ways to refresh and give thanks over the next weeks.