Happy Friday! And happy last day of finals week. Wee hoo! And a gorgeous day (considering we are in December and at nearly 5,000 feet) to end the semester on. We have done some stuff this semester, haven’t we?

Hey a quick note to keep you updated on the cool things going on in the department.

Some of you knew about or saw CSU Videographer, Brian Buss, shadowing Eric one day this semester. He shadowed many staff and faculty on campus for a full day. Here’s what he produced for CSU’s “We’re Getting Ready for Something Big”:

Long version:   https://vimeo.com/246868641
Short Version:  https://vimeo.com/246869607

I urge you to watch these, especially the long one. It is a cool day in the life of Eric (and other CSU employees).

Meanwhile, on the day in the life of theme, just the other day Kari was interviewed on a wonderful podcast. You can hear her wisdom on sexual misconduct and politics (why oh why that topic right now? Hmm) here.

Then there comes this news from Evan and Carl who are the Gravlee Lecture Committee. The committee has officially (and finally!) rescheduled Chon Noriega’s Gravleetalk for Wednesday, February 7, at 7pm in the LSC Theatre with a reception to follow in the Long’s Peak Room. Get this on your calendar. For those of you who build event attendance into your syllabi, put this one on there. It should be wonderful. As you all know Chon is a well-known film scholar. But he is also a curator of art shows including one of the curators for the largest-ever Chicanx art show that has taken over art and non-art spaces in Los Angeles.

The College is looking for undergrad ambassadors. Do you know an undergrad or two who is returning in the spring and into the next years who could represent the college and the department? I have attached info on how to nominate students can nominate themselves. Would you send this on to students who think would be great? Thanks!

Some of us will be at graduation first thing tomorrow morning. Graduation starts at 9:00 so I am going to be there about 8:30 resplendent in my Ph.D. regalia. I love celebrating with the students their many accomplishments. And I love the pomp and circumstance—we have far too little of that in our lives. And too seldom we celebrate academic achievement in particular. This is our chance to live up our smartness!

I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend and a wonderful break. For me, mostly here but a bit of time in southern California with family. Otherwise, I will settle in to some writing, some reading, some dog petting. The Friday Email will take a short break as well. It will be back in early January.

Be well, friends.