Happy Friday. Pretty cool week, wasn’t it? Chon Noriega’s wonderful lecture on Raphael Ortiz’s deconstructivist art anchored the week.

Thanks, Evan, Kit, and Carl for your meticulous planning. Thank you as well to everyone in the community who helped Chon feel welcomed. Not surprisingly, he was deeply impressed by the kindness, generosity, and intellectual vitality of our community.

Emily K. has a new co-authored publication: “A visual narrative analysis of children’s baby loss remembrance drawings,” in The Journal of Family Communication. Congrats!

As some of you know, Gloria will be on vacation visiting her grandbabies in Tuscon for a couple of weeks starting next Monday. The office will open at 7:45 staffed by Carly or others during her time away. You probably also know that Dawn has been coaching the Valley Vikings girls basketball team. While the season is winding down, she has been coaching many afternoons. For the next couple of weeks we may have a few hours when the office is closed. We will do our best to meet everyone’s needs. And we will celebrate Dawn’s winning season (yay!) and Gloria’s weeks with the grandtwins (yay!).

We are deep into annual evaluation season. I am meeting with many of you over the next few weeks. I am looking forward to our conversations.

I am off to California for WSCA right after our faculty meeting next week. I will take some time to visit alumni in the Oakland area and I will celebrate all of the amazing scholarship our folks are doing. What that means, however, is that the Friday email is on hiatus for a week.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. A little work, I am sure is in your plans, but I hope some play and some relaxation make the to do list as well.