First, published scholarship from Kit: Eric Hoyt, Anthony Tran, Derek Long, Kit Hughes, and Kevin Ponto, “Searching, Mining, and Interpreting Media History’s Big Data” in The Routledge Companion to Media Studies and Digital Humanities ed. Jentry Sayers.
A reminder to all of the faculty. Please follow the link Elizabeth W sent you regarding your teaching preferences for next year including summer. As Elizabeth said in her email, it is hard to believe that we are already building schedules for next year. But we are. We will build summer in the next few weeks and make good progress on AY 20 as well. Yikes!
Hey, just a word about this last summer’s progress. We were up 95 student credit hours, which translates to over 30 more students than last year! As you know, lots of students take summer classes to make sure they graduate a semester or two earlier than they would have. For some, it helps them incorporate study abroad, for others it solves problems created by major changes. Anyway, summer is a crucial element in helping us help students complete their degrees.
It is also crucial for the family budgets of many of our faculty. So there are lots of wins here.
And that’s it! We are heading into Labor Day weekend. I jokingly said to someone the other day that Labor Day is a good day for working. Perhaps that is what you will do (I probably will). But don’t forget as well that Labor Day is set aside to remember the deep and ongoing struggles working folks have engaged in to earn fair wages, to reduce work weeks to 5 days, to raise working age, to build safer working places. In short, it is a holiday that at least partly is about the memory of social justice struggles. So we can keep that in mind as we take advantage of the 30% sales at our favorite clothiers!
Have a good weekend and I will see you on the other side!