Happy (super cold) Friday. I don’t know how all of you feel about the cold, but I can tell you that Panda would rather it were warmer. Our walks are mercifully short!
A couple of notes this week. Katie G has accepted an invitation to be a member of a panel discussing Justice Ginsburg’s judicial decisions from the Constitutional Accountability Center in July. That’s cool enough. Katie’s panel participation immediately follows a one on one conversation between Justice Ginsburg and a former clerk, Ruthanne Deutsch. I want to come!
Did you see the wonderful Collegian article about the work Emily has done on women in CSU history? Check out the story here. Kari is quoted as well. Look at all of this really important public scholarship!
Julia has a new essay out essay “Italians First: The New Borders of European Humanity,” in Europe Now, Issue 24:
Faculty meeting is this coming Wednesday the 13th. I have attached here a number of documents regarding our conversation. We will continue our discussion—with the possibility of a vote—on the department’s code changes for NTT faculty. We will elect award committee members. And we will discuss a couple of experimental courses.
Please clear your calendars on Wednesday evening, Feb. 13, for the Gravlee Lecture. Dr. Daena Goldsmith will be here. I have attached materials for you to use in classes and elsewhere for this lecture. Some of you know I am philosophically opposed to extra credit, but this is a good event to encourage students to attend through EC and other inducements. Like the free food that follows!
This is a short Friday email but filled with cool stuff, yes? I have had the privilege over the last few days to look over the annual evaluation materials many of you have submitted. Sure its work—it really is work—but it is also an honor. I have the rare and special opportunity to note the remarkable work all of you do. And you do, indeed, do remarkable work. In my final words with Cara and Kevin at the end of their visit, they emphasized what I already know: we are a kind and caring community, committed to doing good work, and striving to make our worlds better.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. For me, after a couple of extra long weeks, I am going to spend an evening and a day in Denver. Doing what, you ask? As close to nothing as is possible! I hope you are able to find the right thing to make your weekend what you want it to be.