Happy Friday. Happy first Friday of May and a gorgeous morning it is. A wonderful way to begin to wind down our semester.
I am seeing emails announcing that MA students are defending their theses. That is great news and another sure sign that spring is here.
Hey lots of different bits of news this morning.
Carolin has a new essay out published through Discourse & Communication: “Reconstructing mothers’ responsibility and guilt: Journalistic coverage of the ‘Remedia Affair’ in Israel.”
The new CLA Magazine is out and Carol wrote a wonderful story about Evan and the issues of geoblocking online media. Check it out here. Once there you can click through the other stories in the magazine from other departments. The theme is the liberal arts and technology. Such cool stuff going on around the campus.
Usama’s students are presenting their work from The Personal Lens—Making Media class in a public forum. He has shared some of the work with me and it is amazing! Thursday, May 9th in Eddy room 212 at 7 pm. 
Two ACT Human Rights Film Festival related things.
First, we would love your feedback on the festival. Most of you attended on comps and so didn’t received the link to our survey. Take it here.
Second, our June ACT Year-Round is on the 6th, 2019, 6:30p, The Lyric. We are screening The Silence of Others. Watch the trailer and purchase tickets.
As many of you know, Carol has done an amazing job managing CLA scholarships. Thank you, Carol, for that careful and thoughtful work. As of this month, she is working in the department full time helping us achieve our internal and external communication goals As someone said to me recently, Carol is the very best departmental communicator. Can’t wait to expand our ways of chatting with those around us!
And don’t forget, community-wide end-of-year celebration at Café Vino next Friday the 10th 4:30-6:30. Apps and drinks provided by the department, rhetoric provided by me. Around 5:07 for the rhetoric.
Hope you all have a wonderful Friday, a restful weekend. Here’s to a good final push for the semester.