First Friday in May

Happy Friday. Happy first Friday of May and a gorgeous morning it is. A wonderful way to begin to wind down our semester. I am seeing emails announcing that MA students are defending their theses. That is great news and another sure sign that spring is here. Hey lots of different bits of news this […]

Last Friday of April

Happy Friday. The last Friday of April and it has dawned a beautiful morning. I hope all is well for you as you close out this week. I have little to report this week (how often have I started Friday emails that way and they end up several pages long?). Lin Kidder will be in […]

Happy Friday

Folks: Happy Friday! I hope all is well with all of you. Some of you already know this first bit of news. Nancy has accepted a position at UNC. Her last day will be next Friday. While Nancy has been her under a year, she is already deeply embedded in our community. She has brought […]

Savanna Depew awarded Top Student Paper for: Home is where the Work is

Graduate student Savanna Depew, was awarded Top Student Paper by the Western States Communication Association for her submission, “Home is where the Work is: The Role of Businesses in the Creation of a Sense of Belonging for Diasporic Communities.” Depew wrote the paper in Dr. Eric Aoki’s Global Identities class in April of 2018. Depew […]

ACT Next Week and CPD Moving

Folks: Happy Friday. For many of you tomorrow is opening night of the film festival. I am sorry I am not there. I am writing from Montgomery Alabama where I am attending the Southern States Communication Association Annual Convention and doing research on civil rights memory with colleagues and dear friends. More on that in […]

Spring Time

Happy Friday! What a spring week this has been as we return from spring break. Warm. Sunny. Breezy. Now overcast and drizzly. Well, welcome to springtime in the Rockies, yes? Lots of bits and pieces to catch you up on this week. Kari has a new essay out in advanced digital form: Segarra, Ignacio Moreno […]

March Check In

How is one to start a Friday email the day after the terrible shootings in New Zealand? Well, I guess by acknowledging the shootings, but affirming our shared anger and angst caused by the killings. But we should also look clearly at the ways these shootings are of a piece with the (often white) nationalism […]

Welcome to March

Welcome to March! As is the way with March, we open the month with a beautiful morning but will likely go to bed to the beginnings of a solid March snowstorm. Ah Colorado! All sorts of things to talk about this week. Liz has a new essay “Complaints about technology as a resource for identity-work” […]

4th Annual ACT Human Rights Film Festival celebrates human resilience

On Friday, April 5, the 4th annual ACT Human Rights Film Festival returns to Fort Collins for a 9-day run, closing the evening of Saturday, April 13. This year’s festival will open and close at the Lory Student Center Theatre on the campus of Colorado State University with films that celebrate resilience and the human […]