Evan Elkins

Contact Information

Email: evan.elkins@colostate.edu

Office: A227, Behavioral Sciences Building

Role: Faculty

Position: Assistant Professor

  • Media and Cultural Studies
  • Digital Media
  • Theories of Globalization
  • Transgressive Comedy

Department: Communication Studies

Area of Study: Film and Media Studies


I research and teach about the cultural politics of digital platforms, media industries, streaming media, and globalization. In this vein, I recently published my first book, Locked Out: Regional Restrictions in Digital Entertainment Culture (NYU Press, 2019). Other writing on these subjects has appeared in Critical Studies in Media Communication, Media, Culture & Society, the International Journal of Cultural Studies, and several anthologies. In addition to these pursuits, I have taught a course on popular music and identity and written about post-network television comedy’s aesthetics and politics. Currently, I am researching popular representations of the tech industry’s gentrification practices as well as the tropes of ruralism and pastoralism in the history of the internet.

In my personal time, I hang out with my wife and cat, watch movies, spend too much time making playlists, and continue the project of transforming my yard from a patch of weeds into a thriving garden.


Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison


Locked Out: Regional Restrictions in Digital Entertainment Culture. New York: NYU Press.

“Algorithmic Cosmopolitanism: On the Global Claims of Digital Entertainment Platforms.” Critical Studies in Media Communication 36.4: 376-389. 2019.

“Powered by Netflix: Speed-Test Services and Video-on-Demand’s Global Development Projects.” Media, Culture & Society 40.6: 838-855. 2018.

“Live Piracy: New/Old Directions in TV Flow.” Flow, October 2. 2017.

“The DVD Region Code System: Standardizing Home Video’s Disjunctive Global Flows.” International Journal of Cultural Studies 19.2: 225-240. 2016. 

Book Chapters
“The Changing Scales of Diasporic Media Retail” in Point of Sale: Analyzing Media Retail. Derek Johnson and Daniel Herbert, eds. Rutgers University Press. 2019.

“Hulu: Geoblocking National TV in an On-demand Era” in From Networks to Netflix: A Guide to Changing Channels. Derek Johnson, ed. Routledge. 2018.

"The New Logic of the Absurd: The Eric André Show” in The Comedy Studies Reader. Nick Marx and Matt Sienkiewicz, eds. University of Texas Press: 57-70. 2018.

“The United States of America: Geoblocking in a Privileged Market” in Geoblocking and Global Video Culture. Ramon Lobato and James Meese, eds. Institute of Networked Cultures: 190-199. 2016.

Curriculum Vitae

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300 Level – SPCM 326: Digital Media Cultures and SPCM 342: Critical Media Studies

400 Level – SPCM 453: Global Media Cultures and SPCM 479: Popular music, Culture and Power (Capstone)

600 Level – SPCM 646: Media Theory

700 Level – SPCM 792C: Media Globalization; New Media Theory and Criticism; and, Technology, Geography, Environment