Study with us this summer!

Taking a course during CSU’s summer session offers wonderful benefits such as a significantly reduced course length, small class size, and more. There’s still time to enroll! Just head to to learn more. Communication Studies is offering dozens of sections of classes this summer in four-, eight-, and 12-week terms from May 16 through […]

From CSU to CEO: Diane Christman (’85) credits communication degree for career success

As CEO today, Diane still finds herself relying on lessons she first learned as an undergraduate at CSU. She cites key skills like critical thinking, collaboration, public speaking, and writing as ones she first honed in CSU classrooms and upon which she was able to build her successful career.  

ACT Human Rights Film Festival is back in theaters and homes

After two years of fully virtual festivals, the ACT Human Rights Film Festival returns to the Lory Student Center and The Lyric for four full days of film, music, meditation, and conversations. The 7th ACT Human Rights Film Festival takes place March 31 – April 3, 2022 in Fort Collins and concludes with a virtual encore online April 4 – 10.