“Austria at the crossroads of history: Choosing between comfort and conscience during the war in Ukraine”

Julia Khrebtan-Hörhager’s article published in EuropeNow Associate Professor Julia Khrebtan-Hörhager and Evgeniya Pyatovskaya, Ph.D. Candidate in Communication at the University of South Florida, have published the article “Austria at the Crossroads of History: Choosing between Comfort and Conscience during the War in Ukraine” in EuropeNow as part of their Ukraine series. Excerpt: Complex cultural relationships […]

Student feature: Not knowing exactly how doesn’t stop tennis team from supporting teammate

Below is an excerpt from a story that originally appeared in CSU RamWire. Anastasiia Kotsyuba is a Communication Studies major here at CSU. Kotsyuba’s concerns are with family and friends back in Ukraine The normal schedule is by days of the week. Each day will tell Anastasiia Kotsyuba what time tennis practice is, if there […]

“Shielding Democracy from Putin’s S/Words”

Julia Khrebtan-Hörhager’s article published in Field Studies Associate Professor Julia Khrebtan-Hörhager has published the essay “Shielding Democracy from Putin’s S/Words” in the National Communication Association’s Field Studies series. Excerpt: During the Cold War, Soviet Russia employed self-glorifying rhetoric to create a master narrative that was used to justify expanding Soviet hegemony and communism. Having previously […]