Julia Khrebtan-Hörhager’s paper published in the Forum for Ukrainian Studies

Along with coauthor Evgeniya Pyatovskaya, Associate Professor Julia Khrebtan-Hörhager has published the paper “The banality of Putin’s propaganda: A dangerous déjà vu” in the Forum for Ukrainian Studies.


“While Russia is continuing its aggression in Ukraine and the West is punishing Russia with economic sanctions and ‘cancel culture,’ the biggest country in the world is irreversibly changing. . . . The letter ‘Z’ has become a symbol of Russia’s war against Ukraine, appearing on military and civilian vehicles, administrative buildings, cultural institutions, and graffiti street art alike.

“Putin’s enduring popularity is not accidental. He gives Russians what they have been missing since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991—a surge of national pride and readiness to restore their former greatness.”


The banality of Putin’s propaganda: A dangerous déjà vu