Just a short note today. Seems like the weeks get shorter and shorter and time goes faster and faster. Does it seem that way to you too?
Hey, it’s been a really wonderful week though. Had lots of fun having alumni on campus meeting with our undergraduates. They came—as our alumni do—from all walks of life and are well spoken, thoughtful, and caring. Very very cool.
Learned this morning that 85% of our majors have settled into secured plans within 6 months of graduation and 89% of students looking for employment either found jobs with 6 months or had a job offer. That is to say, nearly 90% of our students wanting work have it following college. Should that be 100%? well sure, but that is pretty damned good and almost exactly the same as the university as a whole.
Bringing alumni back to the university to meet with our students is a key part of their successes. So too are all of your educational efforts. Thank you!
What are you plans for the weekend? I am sad to say, much of mine will involve working. Pesky fall schedule.
I think that mostly does it for me today. You?
By late afternoon, I will be heading to Nuance chocolate to have a cup of TheoBrew with Elizabeth and that will be the day’s highlight. I hope you have a highlight still to come!