And now we have completed the last full week of October. Talk about scary! Who needs Halloween when you look at the days that have flown by, the work we have done, and the work left to do. And, lord willing, the fun we still have in front of us as well.
Lots of cool news on the research front today. Take, for example, Julia’s and Carl’s new essay “Pasolini and the women of Accattone: challenging eternal ragazzi in the Eternal City.” It is published in Studies in European Cinema. I want to note two things about this essay: 1) Rebecca served as Julia’s and Carl’s RA over the summer when J and C were in Italy trying to make the final revisions. Julia tells me without Rebecca the revisions would not have happened. 2) This is the first essay in Carl’s new identity as a feminist film critic! So there’s that!
Meanwhile Leo continues her publishing streak with her new co-authored essay. M Rodrigo-Alsina, L García-Jiménez, J Gifreu-Pinsach, L Gómez-Puertas, F Guerrero-Solé, H López-González, P Medina-Bravo, A Pineda, C Roca-Cuberes, X R Rodríguez-Polo, M Terribas-Sala, R Ventura (2016): “Sexuality, gender, religion and interculturality in Spanish television civilising and cultural news stories”. Revista Latina de Comunicación Social, 71, pp. 1.090 to 1.107.
Note as well that our MA alumna Sam Senda-Cook just earned NCA Outstanding Book of the Year in Critical/Cultural Studies for the book Participatory Critical Rhetoric. Thanks Sue for sending this info my way!
This is the kind of amazing work that leads to tenure and promotion.
Isn’t it amazing everything that we accomplish?
I have been thinking some about our role as teachers here in the department. I see, in particular, the daily teaching Dawn and Gloria do. You know, I live right next to them here in the department—something I am glad about, you will need to check with them to see if they feel the same way. But I get to see and hear the interactions they have with all of you and our undergraduates all day, every day. And I am reminded about how every interaction is part of our privilege as a communication community. I watch Gloria and Dawn model great communication to our communities. I see the same thing from many of the rest of you as I wander through your offices handing out (as Carol likes to say) high fructose corn syrup, I see it when I join email conversations with our ASCs, I see it when I am in the community with you visiting friends and alumni. I saw this teaching when Kari joined the Governor to talk about communication ethics at CU Denver earlier this week. I see it when I notice the work you do that isn’t related to the department but draws on your communication skills like Elizabeth’s work with interfaith communities.
As proud as I am of the publications and conference presentations and the events, I am equally proud of the daily teaching we do about the power and importance of humane communication.
Can you tell I have run out of things to say?
I hope you all have a good weekend. For me, I will spend time with dear friends eating macaroni and cheese, biscuits, and collard greens and then, tomorrow, celebrating more good work at the CLA Donor Brunch. I hope you to have a chance to celebrate friendship and good work over the weekend.