Welcome to Homecoming weekend. Were any of you wondering about the streamers in the coffee shop? Carol let me know it was in celebration of Homecoming. I am a little slow on the uptake sometimes!
As always, I have great news to report about members of our community.
First, our alumna Min Kim will receive the Thesis Award for the Social Science and Qualitative category from the Masters Education division at NCA! Min will be there to receive her award and will be joined by Elizabeth W who was her MA thesis advisor. Well done Min and Elizabeth!
Meanwhile, Kari’s essay “‘Deflowering the Voting Virgin: Piety, Political Advertising, and the Pleasure Prerogative,” in QJS has just appeared online. Wee hoo!
What a great way to head into recruitment season for our Ph.D. New books out, new essays in QJS more awards for our graduate students. We have data to back up our assertion that ours is one of the finest Communication Studies graduate programs in the nation.
Our alumnus Bruce MaCcallum—longtime executive producer for Entertainment Tonight—just finished editing the sizzle reel for the ACT Human Rights Film Festival. It is super great. You can watch it here.
You know we are closing down week seven of the semester. We are nearly half way through. These next few weeks are, in many ways, the most challenging for ourselves and our students. There is so much to do, so little time. It can seem overwhelming. The university has enormous resources to help get students and colleagues through difficult moments.
I do hope all of you have a great Homecoming weekend. For me, some time at the farmer’s market and hanging with friends. Some time here at the office trying to enter next week not fully buried in various tasks.
You? Going to the homecoming parade this afternoon perhaps or the game tomorrow night?
Regardless, I hope your weekends are amazing—or at the least uneventful—and that I can catch you next week!