When you get this I am pretty sure it will still be Friday. I will admit, part of me forgot today was Friday. Not the part of me that knows I teach and play basketball on Friday, but nearly every other part. That happen to you ever? Those that know me at all well know this sort of thing happens to me all the time. Well it is Friday and so a Friday email!
Hey, what about those grad students? Hailey Otis earned the Irvine scholarship, Rebecca Hulse and Samantha Maldonado earned the Hostettler Scholarship and Eliza Wagner-Kinyon earned the Haskins scholarship. Great work folks! I am proud of you four, of course, but of all of our graduate students. You all are doing amazing work. I know the second years are deep into finishing the prospectuses (prospecti?). First years are deep into, well, their first year. You all are amazing and watching your growth as teachers, scholars, and people over the short time we have you is deeply rewarding.
Then there is Kurt North showing up on TV. You can study it, teach it, and rock it, Kurt.
Meanwhile, you have probably been following the news of our public address ambassadors in Syracuse. Kari was a plenary speaker today and Allison appeared in Carole Blair’s keynote address (some of you know that Carole is a long-time friend of the department. She delivered the second Gravlee lecture and comes to our parties). Tom, of course, is returning to his roots having earned his (admittedly second rate) MA from Syracuse.
Speaking of Tom, his book is (almost) officially out. He has the hard copy. I think he has it super-glued to his lanyard this weekend and you can pre-order your copy—ships October 3—right here.
Instead of getting this letter done in a timely manner I have been working on NCA presentations (yep, those are coming up REAL soon) and baking bread and pizza (I recommend backing bread on your gas grill!) and hanging out with Panda. I am pretty sure a wee dram of Scotch is in my near future. Like, as soon as I email this puppy to all of you.
Gosh, I hope you have a great weekend as we move from September to October. Be well, be safe, and I will see you on Monday!