Well it really does feel like fall doesn’t it? A bit overcast, cooler, and the days are shorter. We must be well into fall semester. As in nearly five weeks into fall semester! Amazing.
I spent a good bit of the day yesterday clearing the way for ACT Human Rights Film Festival. We are hosting a Denver pre-festival event on March 1 at the Sie Film Center on Colfax (more details to come—would love to have all of you travel to Denver to join us!) and we spent time talking to old and new friends. Two days earlier, I had lunch with a friend mine and of the department and she donated a nice gift to the festival. And a couple of hours before that Carol and I met with the board chair for the long-running Eracism film series. Some of you went to the films and participated in the discussions. I know that Elizabeth S often lead the post-screening conversations. They are joining our team. And the night before that we had dinner with ACT supporters and they hopped on board as well. Finally we heard from RamEvents that they want in again. In one week we raised more than $16,000!
Meanwhile, coming up October 4, our own Elizabeth Williams will be joining colleagues from around the university to discuss the spread of the Zika virus. The panel discussion, hosted by international programs, will start at 3:30 in LSC 376.
Got an email yesterday afternoon from Katie G. University of Alabama Press has accepted her book manuscript! Great news, right?
What else is news? I have to say I don’t really know! Is this the shortest Friday email ever? It may well be.
Hey, I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend. If you can, try to take a breather. Sure, get some work done (I will likely do some writing and some chair stuff on Sunday), but take some time to refresh and renew. For me that will mean finishing the wonderful new novel Underground Railroad (not to be confused with that other wonderful new novel Underground Airlines). In these days of roiling tensions across the U.S. I am finding a place of meaning in these novels.