What a gorgeous day out, right? Sunny. Warm. A classic late summer day in Colorado. We are lucky, aren’t we?
How about a focus on graduate students today?
Some of you saw this note from the college Canvas folks about Michael:
For our first installment of “CLA Awesome”, instructor Michael Visconti (TA in Communication Studies) has created a 20 point quiz using various Canvas question templates. As Michael says:

The students absolutely love it and the quiz has gotten great results in graded work realm. There is no time limit and the students can take the quiz whenever they want, before the Monday deadline, which I was able to control in canvas. Ironically, most students have been taking the quiz at night. Upon my inquiry, I found out the students have more quiet time in the evening and can truly focus on the quiz/content. Way to go canvas!
To see Michael’s example in action, click here.

Meanwhile, Hailey earned one of the very first Graduate Student Council Travel Awards. She was one of seven awardees from among seventy applicants.
I say it over and over again, but we are both great teachers and great scholars. Michael and Hailey are part of my data for this claim.
I have been talking some in these letters about my capstone class. Today we had research team meetings. Each team is doing a rhetorical analysis of places of the good life (how did I think of that topic?). Gosh darn it we had so much fun! I am often nervous about these days imagining the resistance to doing research projects. But by Jove, the energy was spectacular, the projects will be so fun. The students are so into the work.
Have I mentioned lately how privileged I feel to be doing this work? I love hanging out with (most) students. You are all amazing colleagues. And we get to do important, meaningful work. I mean really, students going to Fuzzy’s to do research while engaging enduring questions about life’s meaning? Amazing.
Have a great weekend, folks!