Hey, folks, it is another Friday and so another Friday email. And we are about the put a check next to another month. We are cranking it, my friends!
Tons of fun stuff to talk about today.
For example, this is Friday Community Tea #2 day. 11:00-11:50 in BSB A217Carol will host the tea today as I am with the TT faculty will be off at a job search meeting. We will have jasminechocolate raspberry rooibos (a herbal tea), and madam Grey. You will remember that these are all super yummy. Stop by!
Hye Seung was invited to be a panelist on one of the Denver International Film Festival’s Creative Conversation panels called “D-phi Conversation #1.” The panel is sponsored by the Denver Project for Humanistic Inquiry and panelists will discuss the relationship between love, lust and solitude in Hong Sang-soo’s hauntingly beautiful film On the Beach at Night Alone. Hye Seung will be joined by two philosophy professors (Boram Jeong at UC-Denver and Adam Graves at Metropolitan State Univ. of Denver). Learn more about the panel here: https://secure.denverfilm.org/tickets/film.aspx?id=29880&FID=100 
The panel occurs Monday, November 6, at 6 p.m. in downtown Denver. Contact Hye Seung if you’re interested I attending, she can get a few tickets through the organizer. Final note from Hye Seung: Because director Hong cannot attend and the Denver Film Festival badly scheduled his film after this panel, we plan to keep the conversation more generally about contemporary Korean cinema and major auteurs such as Hong.
You might have thought we were done with the great NCA news (you know, the awards Allison and Tom will be receiving). But you would be wrong!
Kari has received this year’s Top Paper Award from the National Communication Association Political Communication Division.
Because good news comes in waves, there is more: Kari’s edited forum in Rhetoric & Public Affairs was published: “The 2016 Presidential Primary: Rhetoric, Identity, and Presidentiality in the Post-Obama Era,” Rhetoric & Public Affairs 20 (3, 2017): 489-555. It includes Kari’s essay, “Presidential Pioneer or Campaign Queen?: Hillary Clinton and the First-Timer/Frontrunner Double Bind.”
I told you we were cranking it!
It feels to me like this has been a wild and wooly week, a wild and wooly month. My visit to WW was wonderful (thank you to those of you who asked about it). Had a wonderful time visiting with students and faculty at my alma mater Walla Walla University (including a high school English teacher) and with faculty and students Whitman College. My parents and I ate out and laughed and had folks over for ice cream and a fire in the fire place. I made an apple pie with the amazing eastern Oregon apples that are easily available.
I was thinking of all of these connections I reaffirmed over the weekend when I received the following note from Eric:

Life is really humanistically big sometimes. As I tell my students over and over again, these are those grand yet everyday moments when we are reminded why nurturing good relationships and communication competency skills, matter.

Amen, brother, amen.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I will connect with the season’s final farmer’s market, hang with friends over coffee and, if I don’t fall asleep first, go to Xerxes over at the UCA. I hope you find time to celebrate friendship, to eat some good food, read a novel, or just do nothing.