Happy Thursday. What? But it’s the Friday not the Thursday email! I am traveling the next few days, so thought I would get a short note out before I leave.
Carl is covering the bases for me as chair until I return next Wednesday. If anything comes up that you need someone’s presence for connect with him or with Gloria or Dawn.
Many of you know that NCA is just around the corner. We are hosting our annual reception Friday, November 17, 6:30-8:00 pm in the Sheraton City View 1. We will have appetizers, a cash bar, and great conversations. If you are in Dallas, join us!
Meanwhile, Carly has sent emails to a number of you hoping to get folks able to help us staff the graduate open house table. The grad open house is Thursday 1-4 pm. Would love to see you!
And I have attached here a list of presenters from CSU at NCA. Amazing list! We are doing amazing scholarship and service to the discipline. Look over the list (even if you aren’t going!) to get a sense of what all of your colleagues are up to.
Hey, I am off the next few days to the homeland. I will be spending a long weekend in Walla Walla catching up with my parents and a niece and nephew who are living there. I will also spend a bit of time at my alma mater Walla Walla University and at the rival college down the street Whitman College. I hope to drum up some interest in our graduate program. That’s what is up for me this coming weekend.
I hope your weekend is wonderful.