Happy Friday. The last Friday of April and it has dawned a beautiful morning. I hope all is well for you as you close out this week.
I have little to report this week (how often have I started Friday emails that way and they end up several pages long?).
Lin Kidder will be in Nancy’s office over the next few weeks. Next week she will be here MWF, and then on most Tuesdays and Thursdays until we find Nancy’s replacement. We are in phone interviews for a new Account Tech so we hope to have that positioned filled soon.
May 1, from 4:30-6:00 is our first generation reception in the Robert Hoffert Learning Center in the Allicar Art Museum. Both of those are over in the UCA. Last year’s event was a wonderful success and I am guessing this year’s will give us a chance to meet even more students. The event is planned by the undergraduate committee with Nick providing heavy lifting and Carol and Eliza. Come join us.
The CPD continues its many successes, with of last night’s Fort Collins Forum focusing on data. More than 70 folks joined the conversation and our city partner told Kallie that the CPD keeps “upping its game.”
Meanwhile, ACT Year around had its second event over the Allicar Museum. Beth tells me the group was small but deeply engaged. What is more some of the folks were familiar with the festival but had never been to the Allicar. Another group were Allicar regulars but knew nothing of the festival. The art and the films were beautifully matched.
May 10, 4:00-6:30 is the department’s year-end reception over at Café Vino. I will have a few words about our many successes around 5:00. We will provide food and drink and we invite all of you and those you think of as family.
See, not lots to talk about this week! We are hurtling, my friends, into the final weeks of the semester. One of you said last night, “I survived the week.” I hope so. And the semester. And the year. We have had a remarkable year. It will take a sustained and final bit of effort to push through these last weeks. But I have faith. And hope. And they are based on years of experience: for years we have finished well and carefully. This year will be no different.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. For me, I will start the weekend with a drink on my porch to inaugurate porch-sitting season. Then to A Man of No Importance by Terrance McNally tonight. And I will end the evening at a concert with jazz masters Jack Dejohnette, Esperanza Spaulding, Joe Lovano, and Leo Genovese over in Boulder. And finally a bit of bread making and a bit of work. I hope you too are building beauty and creation into your weekend. See you next week!