A more positive discussion of local issues

This March marks one year since the Fort Collins newspaper the Coloradoan brought back their opinion page in the form of Coloradoan Conversations.

Coloradoan Conversations is a joint effort with our Center for Public Deliberation’s (CPD’s) Northern Colorado Deliberative Journalism Project. Each week, the Coloradoan picks one or two questions focused on local issues, often releasing them on Friday online and in the Sunday printed paper. Comments are collected on the Coloradoan platform for a week or two, and then a recap is written summarizing what is heard and working to push the conversation forward.

CPD staff and CSU students who intern at the Center are working with the Coloradoan helping to analyze the responses and experimenting with ways to participate and facilitate to improve the discussions. CPD Director and Professor Martín Carcasson and Coloradoan Content Strategist Rebecca Powell just put together a video marking the anniversary of Coloradoan Conversations and encouraging more people to join in:

The Northern Colorado Deliberative Journalism Project is working to build something unique and useful—an online forum focused on local issues that contributes positively to the discussion on our shared problems—but they need your help for it to work!

Please register for their free local platform online here.