Emily Myler is a communication studies senior and second-year student at CSU. She transferred from Colorado Mountain College, located in her hometown of Glenwood Springs, after receiving her associate’s degree in Spanish.
Myler quickly found her place on campus after joining several campus organizations, including volunteering as a copy editor at the Collegian and becoming a member of the Communication Studies Club. When the previous president graduated last semester, Myler took on the role to continue the club’s progress.Emily Myler
“I need this to be more of a community,” said Myler. “Last year the club was so new and people were signing up without really knowing what to expect. This year I am hoping to drill down into our member’s interests and develop meaningful projects for us to carry out.”
Myler plans to continue the “Win a Scholarship” event that took place last year, where students involved in the club had the opportunity to apply for scholarships that were specific to the communications department. The Career Center will also be back to aid club members in presenting themselves professionally. This will include resume building tips, refining cover-letters and elevator pitch strategies.
“The Careers Center’s involvement last year was great for our graduating members,” Myler said. “It’s difficult to just put, communication skills, on your resume because employers don’t always understand the depth associated with our practice.”
Myler will be starting her second semester with the CPD as a senior associate Interested in conflict management, mom is a mediator and that sparked interest in enrolling in the Conflict Management (SPCM 408) course her first semester at CSU. Is now enrolled in SPCM 486, a practicum course where Myler will receive credit hours for working with the CPD’s public relations team.
“It is great that I was able to meet and connect with so many people at the CPD, it was easy to form a tight-knit community there,” said Myer. “I enjoy the concepts behind public debilitation and aiding in facilitation; defiantly something I could see as my career.”
In addition to working for the pr team, Myler will be working with the Poudre Think Tank, a group of high school students that use the CPD to facilitate issues surrounding the Poudre School District. Myler reports that think tank will be pursuing discussions about gun control.
“I am expecting to be involved in a couple facilitations with the students and then use those discussions to help them create some type of policy surrounding the gun control aspect they decide to focus in on,” said Myler.
In addition to the Comms. Club and the CPD, Myler also serves as the Copy Chief for the Collegian. A new position in the organization that is on the Copy Desk. The night before an issue of the Collegian is pressed, Myler and the rest of the copy teamwork through the night editing the entire publication.
“We work with a team from 6 p.m. to midnight to make sure that everything is correct and ready to go before we send everything off to the press,” Myler said.