Martín Carcasson and Coloradoan newspaper executive editor Eric Larsen interviewed on Media Diversity Institute’s MDI Global podcast: “How is deliberative journalism connecting communities?”

On February 9, 2023, Media Diversity Institute’s Tanya Saksewski interviewed Professor Martín Carcasson and the Fort Collins Coloradoan newspaper’s executive editor Eric Larsen on the new MDI Global podcast. In this inaugural episode, “How is deliberative journalism connecting communities?” Carcasson discusses his work through the CSU Center for Public Deliberation’s (CPD’s) Deliberative Journalism Project of Northern Colorado, and their new effort The Coloradoan Conversations. This is a relaunch of the newspaper’s local opinion page, focused on 1-2 questions a week on local issues, for which the CPD’s staff and student associates provide support.

Listen to the interview here: