Professor Martín Carcasson interviewed on the Follow-up Question podcast

Martín Carcasson interviewed on Michael Ashford’s Follow-up Question podcast: “Solving our most wicked problems together at the local level” On October 31, 2022, professional communicator and marketing executive Michael Ashford interviewed Professor Martín Carcasson on his podcast, The Follow-up Question. In the episode, “Solving our most wicked problems together at the local level,” Carcasson discusses […]

Professor Nick Marx weighs in on the return of sketch comedy

Nick Marx interviewed by the CBC on resurgence of sketch comedy television In a recent Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) article covering the return of the popular Canadian sketch comedy show Kids in the Hall, which originally aired in the 90s, Marx explained, “The rise of social media and YouTube has made it tougher for new […]

In the news: Professor Nick Marx’s new book

Earlier this month, Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies Nick Marx’s new book, That’s Not Funny: How the Right Makes Comedy Work for Them, coauthored with Boston College Associate Professor and Chair of the Communication Department Matt Sienkiewicz, was published by University of California Press. (Our blog post about the book can be found […]

Professor Karrin Vasby Anderson interviewed on the NCA Podcast

Karrin Vasby Anderson interviewed on the National Communication Association Podcast: “Tips for Getting Published in an Academic Journal” On May 16, 2022, the National Communication Association interviewed Professor Karrin Vasby Anderson on their podcast. In the episode, “Tips for Getting Published in an Academic Journal,” Anderson helps “to answer common questions related to successfully preparing […]

“Austria at the crossroads of history: Choosing between comfort and conscience during the war in Ukraine”

Julia Khrebtan-Hörhager’s article published in EuropeNow Associate Professor Julia Khrebtan-Hörhager and Evgeniya Pyatovskaya, Ph.D. Candidate in Communication at the University of South Florida, have published the article “Austria at the Crossroads of History: Choosing between Comfort and Conscience during the War in Ukraine” in EuropeNow as part of their Ukraine series. Excerpt: Complex cultural relationships […]

Professor Martín Carcasson interviewed by Colorado Public Radio on NoCo Deliberative Journalism Project

Martín Carcasson interviewed by KUNC’s Colorado Edition on his work with the Northern Colorado Deliberative Journalism Project Professor Martín Carcasson is the Director of the Center for Public Deliberation (CPD), which is housed in the Department of Communication Studies at CSU. The CPD is part of the core team behind the NoCo Deliberative Journalism Project⁠—a […]

Professor Hye Seung Chung weighs in on popular ‘Squid Game’ Netflix show

Hye Seung Chung interviewed by CBS Denver on popular South Korean Netflix show Squid Game This year, a South Korean TV show reached the number one spot for Netflix in nearly 100 countries, including the U.S.—Squid Game. Chung told CBS that “media has been been considered a very important tool for political enlightenment or political […]

Professor and student discuss what it means to be an American on Colorado Public Radio

Communication Studies Teaching Associate Professor and filmmaker Usama Alshaibi spoke recently with CSU Film Minor Ivy Winfrey on Colorado Public Radio about what it means to be an American. Usama Alshaibi was born in Baghdad, Iraq and immigrated to the U.S. as a child. “The reason earlier immigrants came here, our mothers and fathers and […]

Aronis named to presidential task force charged with fostering Jewish inclusion and the prevention of anti-Semitism at CSU

September 10, 2020 – The following article written by Ann Claycomb originally appeared in CSU Source. Colorado State University students and faculty gather for the annual Menorah Lighting and Chanukah Celebration on The Plaza in 2018. Earlier this summer, Colorado State University President Joyce McConnell established a Presidential Task Force on Jewish Inclusion and the […]

Otis scholarship included in Durango Herald article on Fat Phobia

September 23, 2020 The following article written by Nick Gonzales originally appeared in the Durango Herald Does Colorado have an issue with weight? Fat phobia is more deeply ingrained within our culture than you might think It’s safe to say that, as a year, 2020 has sucked. At the same time, though, and perhaps partly […]