CSU Communication Studies Alumni Share Career Journeys and Advice

On February 13, the Department of Communication Studies hosted engaging alumni panels featuring a diverse group of successful Communication Studies graduates at the Lory Student Center. Claudia Perez (’20, Public Affairs Manager at Planned Parenthood), Kale McMonagle (’11 and ’17, Collaboration Director at The Civic Canopy), and Emily Myler (’19, Neighborhood Development Liaison at City […]

Communicating in the courtroom

“My Communication Studies degree has really given me an edge when it comes to trial work,” Schenk says. “Some of my favorite classes were Studies in Persuasion and Advanced Public Speaking, which taught me both the psychology and practical skills behind being a great presenter. Understanding what persuasive techniques work and why, and appreciating the ethical implications behind our speech has given me a level of comfort in court and in front of juries that I know I wouldn’t have without my degree.”

Associate Professor Meara Faw to present at Great Conversations on April 12

On Wednesday, April 12, 2023, Associate Professor Meara Faw will be a featured presenter for the College of Liberal Arts’ Great Conversations program. Her talk will focus on her research on interpersonal communication and health. Faw’s work with local nonprofits on dementia and caregiver research Faw, who runs the Research in Interpersonal Communication Collaborative as […]

Spring alumni panel features four recent alumni

On March 23 in the Lory Student Center, Xochitl Ramirez Amaro (’20, Campus Advisor at the Denver Scholarship Foundation), Andrea Hernandez (’21, Community Outreach and Engagement Specialist at Aurora Community Connection), Kailey Petro (’19, Public Health Account Executive at Fors Marsh), and Luke White (’18, Partner Manager at Walmart Connect) spoke about their careers and […]

“Emotional sustainability in human services organizations: Cultural and communicative paths to dealing with emotional work”

Elizabeth Williams and alumna’s paper published in Sustainability Along with coauthor and CSU M.A. alumna Minkyung Kim, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies Elizabeth Williams has published the paper “Emotional sustainability in human services organizations: Cultural and communicative paths to dealing with emotional work ” in Sustainability. Abstract: Emotional sustainability in the human services […]

M.A. Graduate Finds Success Connecting People

Clarence Sanon, ’22, demonstrated excellent communication skills early on. At age 12, he was already a door-to-door salesman, “selling Black Pages (think Yellow Pages, but just black-owned businesses).” Fast forward to his time as an M.A. student in Communication Studies at CSU, where Clarence enjoyed further honing those skills. Bridging gaps and communicating differences Clarence […]

Local Alumnus Screens New Documentary Film in Fort Collins

Filmmaker & Animal Lover This month Joel Delgado, who graduated from CSU in 2014 with a B.A. in Communication Studies and a Film Studies Minor, screened his new documentary film, Hive to Honey, at the Lyric in Fort Collins. Today Joel is a professional filmmaker and photographer. He started his own film and photo production […]

Fall alumni panel provides practical advice for CMST undergraduates

On October 20 in the Lory Student Center, Dr. Denise Caleb (’94, President at Human Resources Standards Institute SM), Jake Gunn-Sandell (’15, Director at SPMB Executive Search), and Rob Klein (’02, Realtor) spoke about their careers and professional experience since graduating from CSU with Communication Studies degrees. They also answered questions from the student audience. Associate […]