Lauren Jones

Communication studies senior Lauren Jones is more than the first black athlete to play on CSU’s women’s soccer team. She’s a voice of the future. “I am more than the ball at my feet,” she wrote for a collection of CSU student-athlete essays called “Why I Won’t Stick to Sports.” Lauren was raised by parents that valued knowing the meaning of words, articulating ideas and opinions, and proudly owning the space you occupy. They forged a passion for communicating that Lauren pursues today by studying intercultural, interpersonal and nonverbal communication skills and applying those in her everyday life – whether writing grants for Crossroads Safehouse, a non-profit serving domestic violence victims, or advocating for Black Lives Matter.”

“I am Black, I am engaged and I am not keeping quiet in a time that needs my voice most…I want to lay the path for an equal and better tomorrow for myself and those who come after me.” – Lauren Jones from “Why I won’t stick to sports.”