Willow Paul

Willow Paul transferred to CSU from Front Range Community College and was at first overwhelmed by the seemingly countless choices she had to develop herself academically, professionally, and personally. But, she quickly found her bearings inside the communication studies major as she discovered a passion for rhetoric while taking SPCM 411 – Contemporary Speeches on American Issues. She began exploring an interest in how demagogs have historically used rhetorical techniques for both bad and good. Her research and writing about demagoguery became so developed that she was invited to give a lecture on it to her peers. She also interned as a public speaking coach for 3rd-5th grade girls participating in Girls in the Spotlight. She was skeptical about working with kids, but learned she loves to teach – and even more, she loved helping young minds learn how to find and appreciate their authentic voice. Lastly, she gained invaluable social science research skills while working for the Research in Interpersonal Communication Collaborative.

“Take that risk. Be bold and apply to different opportunities. It’s much better than thinking about the ‘what if?’” – Willow Paul