Alexa Shipman

Alexa Shipman transferred to CSU from Front Range Community College with an Associate’s degree in the Liberal Arts. Her journey to CSU was not immediate; she was rejected three times before finally being accepted. The problem was her grades. For years Alexa labored under the false assumption that she had to study math or science. When her Front Range counselor introduced her to courses in the liberal arts, her grades went up. “I discovered that if I was really interested in something I would achieve that thing,” Alexa says. “I could do anything I put my mind to.” By the time she landed at CSU, communication studies became a clear choice. Alexa is drawn to interpersonal communication, mediation, and psychology. Not only did she find academic success, when she graduated in December 2020, CSU named her College of Liberal Arts Outstanding Graduate.

“The Communication Studies program attracts such a diverse group of people. I went to a high school that was totally white, middle class. Here, I was meeting people from different backgrounds and places and learning they understand the world in a completely different way than I do. I think it made me a much better person.” – Alexa Shipman