Kadin Cathey First generation student Kadin Cathey has jumped headfirst into earning a degree in communication studies, despite being skeptical about what might unfold. The interpersonal and co-cultural communication courses he took sparked his curiosity and led to his involvement in the Research in Interpersonal Communication Collaborative, or RICC. In his first semester with RICC […]


Willow Paul Willow Paul transferred to CSU from Front Range Community College and was at first overwhelmed by the seemingly countless choices she had to develop herself academically, professionally, and personally. But, she quickly found her bearings inside the communication studies major as she discovered a passion for rhetoric while taking SPCM 411 – Contemporary […]


Alexa Shipman Alexa Shipman transferred to CSU from Front Range Community College with an Associate’s degree in the Liberal Arts. Her journey to CSU was not immediate; she was rejected three times before finally being accepted. The problem was her grades. For years Alexa labored under the false assumption that she had to study math […]


Leslie Schenk Leslie Schenk wants to become a federal prosecutor. She interned at the Larimer County District Attorney’s Office the first semester of her freshman year. She focused her communication studies elective courses on rhetoric, public speaking, and persuasion. She became a Student Associate with the Center for Public Deliberation. Through all these experiences the […]


Lauren Jones Communication studies senior Lauren Jones is more than the first black athlete to play on CSU’s women’s soccer team. She’s a voice of the future. “I am more than the ball at my feet,” she wrote for a collection of CSU student-athlete essays called “Why I Won’t Stick to Sports.” Lauren was raised […]