Communication Studies Major Awarded Outstanding College of Liberal Arts Junior

The third annual ACT Human Rights Film Festival opens Thursday, April 5, with an evening dedicated to student filmmakers from around the West. This year, ACT highlights include a new Festival Pass, two U.S. premieres and six Colorado premieres, more than 15 international film guests, encore screenings and a closing night concert featuring musicians from the […]

Peyton Griest on her study abroad in Thailand, intercultural communication, and service

Name: Peyton Griest Major: Communication Studies What was your drive behind studying abroad in Chiang Mai, Thailand? How has it been? Many factors influenced my decision and drive to study abroad. I have an undeniable love for travel and the thought of living in a culture that is so different from my own was an […]

Claudia Perez's community investment

Claudia Perez is invested. She’s invested in her schoolwork, goals, and on-campus organizations. The overarching theme of her investments? Building community. Perez is a second year communication studies student, minoring in legal and ethnic studies. She values the broadness of her studies because they give her the freedom to work in different areas including law, […]

Miguel Banuelos-Garcia's first generation journey

Miguel Banuelos-Garcia was a bit nervous to tell his family he was going to college. A first generation student, Banuelos-Garcia didn’t tell his parents until the night of his high school graduation. He had applied, been accepted, and familiarized himself with the university system on his own with the help of friends and mentors.  “I […]

Your Story Starts Here

Friday, August 18. Clark C142. 9:30 a.m. Communication Studies Ram Welcome. Dr. Elizabeth Williams and Dr. Greg Dickinson were ready and waiting. A bounty of swag – fresh out of the box CMST fidget spinners, CMST Euro stickers, College of Liberal Arts travel mugs, and CLA notebooks – was arranged on desks. Right on time, […]

A Visual Story of SPCM 347: Visual Communication

By Lindsay McNeish In spring semester 2017, Dr. Elinor Light taught SPCM 347: Visual Communication, an upper division course that teaches communication studies majors to become competent visual communicators.   “Understanding the influence of visual communication is important because we are so visually focused,” says Dr. Light. “Understanding how to decipher that communication and think […]