Taking a course during CSU’s summer session offers wonderful benefits such as a significantly reduced course length, small class size, and more. There’s still time to enroll! Just head to summer.colostate.edu to learn more.

Communication Studies is offering dozens of sections of classes this summer in four-, eight-, and 12-week terms from May 16 through August 7. If you’re on the fence about taking any of our courses this summer, consider the following benefits:

  • Concentrated, immersive learning. Unlike being enrolled in several classes at a time during a typical semester, you can exclusively study one subject at a time with the “deep dive” a 4-week summer course uniquely offers. This is an enriching way to focus your attention that’s just not possible during the school year.
  • Small classes with award-winning faculty. Take a core course requirement such as SPCM 201 – History and Theory of Rhetoric, which during the fall or spring semester seats 105 students, but during the summer seats just 40. Additionally, award-winning faculty also teach summer courses, from Monfort Professor Dr. Tom Dunn (teaching History and Theory of Rhetoric) to 2022 Board of Governors Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award winner Elizabeth Sink (teaching Public Speaking) and Faculty Excellence: 14’er winner Usama Alshaibi (teaching The Personal Lens–Making Media).
  • Learn from anywhere. Don’t let your schedule be a reason not to take a course this summer. Regardless of where you’re located, you can access any of our 11 online courses this summer.
  • Graduate early. That’s right. You can graduate sooner by participating in CSU Accelerated Programs and taking courses during the summer. Contact your Academic Support Coordinator to learn more or enroll.
  • Save money. Summer session is designed to be more affordable. Colorado resident undergraduates may benefit from increased CSU tuition assistance grants in 2022. And non-residents benefit from a summer base tuition rate at 30% less than fall/spring tuition. Plus with flexible payment plans, prorated on-campus housing and dining costs, and plentiful opportunities for flexible on- and off-campus student employment, summer session is uniquely affordable. Learn more about CSU’s Summertime Savings here.

Visit Ramweb to register for summer courses, or scan the list below to view upcoming courses.

Communication Studies summer 2022 course offerings

May 16 – June 12

  • SPCM 200 – Public Speaking with Beth Meyers-Bass
  • SPCM 380A4 – Race and Communication in the United States with Dr. Morgan Johnson
  • SPCM 479 – Communication Studies Capstone with Dr. Karyl Sabbath

May 16 – July 10

  • SPCM 100 – Communication and Popular Culture ONLINE with Cara Buckley
  • SPCM 200 – Public Speaking ONLINE with Nancy Frimpong
  • SPCM 335 – Gender and Communication ONLINE with Dr. Katie Gibson
  • SPCM 341 – Evaluating Contemporary Television ONLINE with Dr. Nick Marx
  • SPCM 420 – Political Communication ONLINE with Dr. Karrin Anderson

June 13 – July 10

  • SPCM 130 – Relational and Organizational Communication with Dr. Ziyu Long
  • SPCM 200 – Public Speaking with Amanda Wright
  • SPCM 207 – Public Argumentation with Mark Saunders

June 13 – August 7

  • SPCM 100 – Communication and Popular Culture ONLINE with Kurtis North
  • SPCM 200 – Public Speaking ONLINE with Dr. Karyl Sabbath
  • SPCM 200 – Public Speaking ONLINE with Elizabeth Sink
  • SPCM 347 – Visual Communication ONLINE with Cara Buckley
  • SPCM 349 – Freedom of Speech ONLINE with Beth Meyers-Bass
  • SPCM 378 – Virtual Workplace Communication ONLINE with Dr. Elizabeth Williams

July 11 – August 7

  • SPCM 100 – Communication and Popular Culture with Kurtis North
  • SPCM 200 – Public Speaking with Elizabeth Sink
  • SPCM 201 – History and Theory of Rhetoric with Dr. Tom Dunn
  • SPCM 360 – The Personal Lens–Making Media with Usama Alshaibi
  • SPCM 381A4 – Parasite and Korean Genre Films ONLINE with Dr. Hye Seung Chung


For more information on internships for course credit, visit our Internships webpage or email our Internship Coordinator Dr. Karyl Sabbath at karyl.sabbath@colostate.edu.

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Again, head to summer.colostate.edu for more information, and log in to Ramweb to see what’s currently available. Happy summer!