Emeline Ojeda-Hecht’s paper published in Southern Communication Journal

Along with coauthors Stephanie Kelly, Ryan Goke, and Nikki Christen, Ph.D. student Emeline Ojeda-Hecht has published the paper “Perceived immediacy and burnout as mediators of instructor misbehaviors and students’ task value” in Southern Communication Journal.


The purpose of the present study was to examine instructional influences of students’ task value. A total of 382 undergraduate students participated in this survey study. The data supported a mediated model in which instructor misbehaviors (i.e., antagonism and lecturing) indirectly decrease students’ task value through the psychological responses of perceived immediacy and burnout. Therefore, findings of this study indicate that instructors who do not control their antagonism and lecturing behaviors may reduce the value that students see in the course they teach, ultimately hindering students’ learning experience. This study highlights the need for instructional communication training and resources for instructors which could improve psychoemotional experiences for students and improve learning.